Services for Students, IAIN Kudus cooperates with Bank Jateng Syariah

KUDUS – Kudus State Islamic Institute (IAIN) once again collaborated with Bank Jateng Syariah. This is an effort from IAIN to improve services and facilities in the academic activities. The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was attended and implemented directly by the Chancellor of IAIN, Kudus Mudzakir and the Head of Bank Jateng Syariah Branch, Singgih Fatkhurrahim, who was also attended by a number of IAIN Kudus academic community leaders.

Mudzakir conveyed, this collaboration was carried out to improve academic quality and financial services at IAIN Kudus. This multifunctional cooperation is carried out in connection with the provision that the State Islamic Religious College (PTKIN) must establish cooperation with banks, both conventional and sharia and welcomed by Bank Jateng Syariah.

“The cooperation that was established by IAIN Kudus with Bank Jateng Syariah is a multifunctional cooperation. Where one of its functions is for the payment of Single Tuition (UKT) for students, “he explained. In this semester, students are made easier when paying UKT. The UKT payment can be done either online, bank counter, or by using Go Pay facility.

“This service aims to make it easier for students. There are many services that can be used, therefore there is no need to be complicated and queue up, “he said.

Deputy Rector II Nor Hadi added, this collaboration was not only in the context of improving student financial services. But also, in the context of improving academic quality. Especially for students of the Faculty of Economics of IAIN Kudus. Increased student competence, especially in terms of banking and banking governance.

“This cooperation is also an education for students, moreover the they can understand about Islamic banking,” he said.