Financing with murabahah contracts for the consumer goods purchase such as electronic equipment, furniture, and new or used motor vehicles, which are not contrary to sharia.


  • Financing ceiling up to Rp 500 million.
  • Maximum financing period 5 years, or max. 15 years of salary cut.
  • The installment remains unchanged during the financing period.
  • Down payment is only 20% of the goods price.
  • Collateral in the cash collateral form, or physical security, or a payment guarantee with a paycheck.

Terms and Conditions

  • The minimum applicant age is 21 years.
  • When financing is due, the maximum is 65 years old or not yet retired.
  • Individual Customer. Permanent status employees, Members of the TNI / Police, Head / Deputy Region Head, Members of Parliament / DPRD, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs.