iB Hajj Savings is a deposit of customer funds on a futures basis based on Wadiah Yad Dhamanah (pure deposit from custodian to be maintained) intended for intention to go Hajj. Minimum age 12 years can already list the Hajj with a routine saving of at least 1 million / month for 3 years, undoubtedly can go on pilgrimage in year 20. Register Hajj Now the younger the faster the better.


  • Hajj online Registration with Religion Ministry Siskohat in all offices of Bank Jateng and Bank Jateng Syariah.
  • Free monthly administration fee.
  • Guaranteed and safe.
  • Help to plan, accompany & lighten the preparation of funds to perform the pilgrimage

Terms and Conditions

How To Follow iB Hajj Savings Registration

  • Open iB Account Hajj Savings
  • Routine Saving up to 25 million
  • Get a Validate Proof Number
  • Can SPPH * and Portion Number *

*) Letter of Registration Going Hajj

**) Portion Number from KEMENAG (Ministry of Religious Affairs)

Terms of Hajj

  • Minimum Age 12 years (can get portion number Hajj)
  • The minimum savings balance is Rp 25.000.000 (can list and get the portion number of pilgrimage)

Account Opening Terms

  • Copy of valid ID card (age> 17 years)
  • Initial deposit of Rp. 500.000, -
  • The next deposit is at least Rp. 100.000, -