Draw of Tabungan iB Bima for 2nd Period 2019 with 8 Umrah Packages

Bank Jateng Syariah again held the draw of Tabungan iB Bima 2nd Period 2019 with prizes for 8 (eight) umrah packages on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 located in Semarang. This is a form of appreciation from Bank Jateng Syariah to all customers.

Altherefore watched iB Bima Savings drawing event excitement with several Umrah prizes for all customers of Bank Jateng Syariah. The excitement will continue with the presence ceremony in the Car Free Day Purbalingga town square with the concept of joint gymnastics on Sunday, February 16, 2020 as a series of events to draw iB Bima Savings 2nd Period  2019.

The 8 (eight) winners who have been ratified and determined by the thereforecial Welfare Office of Central Java Province, Central Semarang Sector Police and Notaries are as follows: Jepara Regency Baznas (Sharia of Jepara Sub-branch office ), Eny Purwandari (UMS Sharia Branch Office), Kospin Jasa Syariah ( Sharia of Pekalongan Branch Office), KPRI IPA Ministry of Religion Sukoharjo Regency ( Sharia of Sukoharjo Sub-Branch Office), Estu Mandiri BMT KSU (Sharia of Sukoharjo Sub-Branch Office), Mohamad Nurdin (Sharia of Salatiga Sub-Branch Office ), PKU Muhammadiyah Karanganyar Hospital (Sharia of Surakarta Branch Office) and Winarti (Sharia of Kudus Branch Office). The prize tax of 25% will be borne by Bank Jateng Syariah.

Director of Retail Business and Sharia Business Unit (UUS) of Bank Jateng, Hanawijaya explained, this activity is a form of gratitude for the people’s trust in saving their funds at Bank Jateng Syariah. We are obliged to maintain the trust of the community and as an intermediary institution, we will then distribute it to the real sector while still taking into account the prudential banking principles therefore Bank Jateng Syariah makes customers proud of their role in sharia economic growth in Indonesia and Central Java in general.

Bank Jateng Syariah is determined to continue to be committed to always provide the best service where it will lead to customer satisfaction by efforts to bring the quality products and services according to customer needs.

Through 193 office networks spread across cities / regencies in Central Java and Yogyakarta, it is hoped Central Java and Yogyakarta people without doubt to utilize the products of Bank Jateng, both Demand Deposit, Savings, competitive margins of Deposits with  the attractive profit sharing and Financing for venture capital, investment and other needs.