Financing with murabahah or istishna contract for investment goods procurement support productive customers business such as construction of school / hospital / shop / shop house, purchase of equipment / machine / motor vehicle / heavy equipment.


  • Financing ceilings as needed.
  • Flexible financing periods are:
    • Maximum 15 years for the purchase or the building construction (e.g. shop, shop, factory, warehouse).
    • Maximum 8 years for the purchase of four-wheeled vehicles or more, factory machinery and equipment purchase.
    • Maximum 4 years for the purchase of two / three-wheeled vehicles and electronic goods.
  • Light installment.
  • Principal Financing can be paid on a monthly, or quarterly, or semiannual basis, as required.
  • Down payment is only 20%
  • Applicant may be a business entity (PT, Foundation, Cooperative, BUMN, BUMD, CV, UD) or individual.

Terms and Conditions

  • Have business legality (SIUP, TDP, SITU) and NPWP.
  • Have the business establishment and licensing legality according to type of business activity.
  • Not included in Bank Indonesia Black List.
  • Submit financial statements of the last two years.
  • Submit bank account copy last 3 months for financing ceiling of 200 million rupiahs and above.