Bank Jateng Syariah Liven iB Vaganza 2019

Continuing the success of sharia banking education activities in the previous cities, the Financial Services Authority and 21 Sharia Financial Institutions held iB Vaganza, Islamic Bank expo in Solo. iB Vaganza is a form of synergy between OJK and Islamic financial industry doers to provide education and ease of access to the public Islamic finance. iB Vaganza Solo 2019 has been held at Solo Paragon Mall from 22-24 November 2019 (Friday-Sunday).

The inauguration of the 2019 iB Vaganza Solo was conducted by Solo Mayor Deputy Achmad Purnomo, Head of Solo Financial Services Authority Eko Yunianto, Bank Indonesia Solo Representative Chairman Bambang Pramono, Deputy Director of Literacy and Information at the Financial Services Authority, Greta Joice Siahaan, Director of Retail Business and Syariah Business Unit of Bank Jateng, Eko Yunianto Hanawijaya and BCA Syariah Solo Branch Manager, Lenny Herawati, marked by the beatings that were carried out together on the main stage of iB Vaganza Solo.

The Director of Retail Business and Sharia Business Unit of Bank Jateng, Hanawijaya with BCA Syariah as PIC iB Marcomm Syariah Banking and as the organizer of the iB Vaganza event thanked the Financial Services Authority (OJK) for all the supports therefore this event can be held well. Furthermore, Hanawijaya explained that Indonesia as the largest Moslems population country has the potential to develop large Islamic economy as well. However, this is not yet apparent, as seen from the Islamic financial market share indicator, the first semester of 2019 position is still at 8.29% and the Islamic banking market share is at 5.95%.

“Lately is a momentum for the development of the Islamic economy in Indonesia. Business actors are competing to put halal labels on their products. Not only for food, cosmetics, fashion, even household appliances also have halal labels. The halal label should not be limited to the material and manufacturing process, the sharia banks compliant, but in its financial transactions also must use the Islamic financial institutions as well. “

This is a major step needs the support of all stakeholders. The Indonesian government is currently also promoting the halal ecosystem as an effort to improve the Islamic economy in Indonesia. There needs to be synergy from all sectors to create a halal ecosystem. With iB Vaganza which is carried out massively and integrated, it is hoped that the impact will not only apply to the Islamic banking industry but also to the entire Islamic financial services industry as a whole moreover the public becomes aware of using the Islamic financial products such as savings, financing and other services belonging to Islamic Banks.

At this iB Vaganza, Bank Jateng Syariah gave an attractive direct prize gimmick for visitors who opened accounts for savings, current accounts and deposits and Instagram competition games.