Bank Jateng Syariah Gives Umrah Gifts To The Customers

PURBALINGGA – There is something different in the Car Free Day (CFD) event at Jalan JenderaL Soedirman Timur Purbalingga on Sunday (16/2). Bank Jateng Syariah held a mass gymnastics activity titled, Gymnastics Blessing with Bank Jateng Syariah. The activity was attended by hundreds of Purbalingga Regency residents. Gymnastics participants were given a series of door prize prizes by Bank Jateng Syariah. In this activity, Bank Jateng Syariah also symbolically handed over the prizes of the I9 Bima Savings 2nd Period of 2019 with 8 umrah packages. 

Purbalingga Regent Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi said her party gave appreciation to Bank Jateng Syariah which had held mass gymnastic activities on the sidelines of CFD activities. The Regent also gave appreciation to Bank Jateng Syariah which has improved the citizens’ economy of Purbalingga Regency. 

Director of Retail Business and Sharia Business Unit (UUS) of Bank Jateng, Hanawijaya explained, this activity is a form of gratitude for the people’s trust in saving their funds to Bank Jateng Syariah. “We are obliged to maintain the community mandate. As an intermediary, we will then distribute it to the real sector while still taking into the principles account of prudential banking, “he explained. 

He added, customers will be proud since they have a large role in the growth and development of the Islamic economy in Indonesia. Bank Jateng Syariah continues to be committed to providing the best service. “Which leads to customer satisfaction by presenting the quality products and services according to customer needs,” he added. 

Andrianto, Head of Financial Services Authority Bank Supervision (OJK) in Purwokerto, said his party hoped the events in Purbalingga would often be held. He said he also gave an appreciation of what was done by Bank Jateng Syariah. “Hopefully the service will increase more rapidly to the community,” he said. (**)