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Bank Jateng Syariah is a Business Unit established by Bank Jateng to fulfill the society's need for sharia-based banking products and services. The of Bank Jateng Syariah Banking Unit was officially opened on April 26, 2008, headquartered in Semarang City, at Grinatha Building, Lt. IV, Pemuda Street No. 142 Semarang.


At the beginning of its operations, Bank Jateng Syariah Central Java Sharia Bank opened the first Sharia Branch Office in Surakarta and started operations on 21 May 2008 on Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 236 Surakarta. Until October 2016, Central Java Sharia Bank has operated 4 (four) Sharia Branch Offices, 9 (Nine) Sharia Branch Offices, 7 (seven) Sharia Cash Offices, 145 Office Shares (Office Chanelling) scattered throughout Central Java. In addition, in all Bank Jateng Syariah Branch Offices, Sub-Branch Offices or Bank Jateng Cash Banks throughout Central Java. In addition to the ease of access to such services, various banking products and financial services with the principles of sharia can also be enjoyed by customers, both financing products, funding and other services with features and services are very competitive.


Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS): ...

Chairman: Prof. Dr. H. Ahmad Rofiq, MA

Members: Drs. Tafseer, M. Ag